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3 Signs An Athlete Can Play After an Injury April 10, 2020

Church Point, Acadia
3 Signs An Athlete Can Play After an Injury, Church Point, Louisiana

From ankle sprains to ACL tears, overextending your body during a game or practice can lead to various sports injuries. After surgical treatment or physical therapy, it can be difficult to gauge whether you’re ready to get back on the court or field. The following guide will help you tell when you’re better to avoid additional injuries.

When Are You Ready to Play After a Sports Injury?

1. Joint Stability & Restored Range of Motion

The impact of falling during contact sports is a common cause of joint injuries in knees and ankles. This can cause pain and inflammation, making it difficult to maintain balance.

Injuries from swinging a bat or club or tossing a ball can overwork the wrists and shoulders, too. Icing the inflamed area should reduce swelling. Once the stiffness and pain subside, your stability returns, and your range of motion is back, talk to your coach or trainer about getting back in the game. 

2. Doctor’s Approval

Church-Point-Louisiana-physical-therapyEven if you feel like you’re healed, consult a medical professional before returning to the game. During physical therapy, you’ll exercise on equipment that uses the same muscle groups as your sport, so your therapist can monitor the progress. When you can successfully complete each movement, this could indicate torn tissues have healed. 

3. Regained Confidence

After an injury, you might question your athletic ability or become anxious about returning to the sport. Once your body has fully recovered, make sure you are mentally prepared, too. To rebuild confidence, go to physical therapy, and gradually start practicing again. When you’re confident, you can focus and perform your best.


If you were injured while playing a sport, contact the professionals at The Road Home Therapy Center in Church Point, LA, for help. Established in 1978, the center provides physical therapy to help residents in the Lafayette and Opelousas areas return to their favorite sports and daily routines. For an appointment, call (337) 684-6318 and learn about the benefits of physical rehabilitation online.

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