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4 Common Tech Questions Answered By The Computer Repair Pros At IQ Computer Services October 30, 2015

Alexandria, Alexandria
4 Common Tech Questions Answered By The Computer Repair Pros At IQ Computer Services, Alexandria, Virginia

If you live or work near Arlington, Virginia, IQ Computer Services is the company you call when you need on-site computer repair. Their experienced team of technicians can tackle all your technology-related issues from virus removal to laptop screen repair and network services. Their customers often use their on-site appointments to get answers and opinions on various computer-related topics.

Here are four common tech questions answered by the savvy team at IQ Computer Services:

How do I keep my laptop battery strong?

Most computers currently run on lithium batteries. These batteries are much easier to take care of than their predecessor, the nickel-based battery. Your lithium battery will last longer if you keep it cool, practice shallow discharges, and don’t leave it plugged in for extended periods of time when it’s fully charged. The good news is lithium batteries don’t need much maintenance, so don’t stress about it!

How does a computer virus or a Trojan actually do?

A computer virus is a program that will copy itself, infect a computer, and spread to another computer. A Trojan is a program that looks legitimate, but secretly it includes a code that does something else, like allow another computer access to your files. Every computer should have a good antivirus program for protection.

Why do I need to reset the router?

When your Internet is running slowly or not running at all, often times unplugging the router for a few minutes and then restarting it will do the trick. The reason this works is because the router may be overheating or bogged down by lots of Internet traffic. A short cool down break and restart can get you back on track.

Will I really get caught illegally downloading movies?

If you use BitTorrent to illegally download movies, yes you can get caught. Both Internet service providers and media companies are always on the prowl, looking for illegal downloaders. The ramifications aren’t as heavy as they used to be, but there are punishments handed out regularly.

If you’re in the Arlington, Virginia area and you need assistance with computer repair, call IQ Computer Services today at (703) 594-7271. Visit their website for more information on their services or to read testimonials from happy customers.