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A Guide to Backflow Inspections March 11, 2020

Walton, Washington
A Guide to Backflow Inspections, Walton, Missouri

The water in your plumbing system is designed to flow in one direction, and when this doesn’t happen, it causes significant issues. Scheduling a backflow well inspection can help you avoid or address potential problems and keep your water system in quality condition. Here’s a quick guide to this concept.

What Is Backflow?

Backflow occurs when water flows backward through the plumbing system. Nonpotable water, which is not approved for drinking but can be used for tasks like fire prevention and irrigation, flows into the clean, potable water supply. This can ultimately lead to health issues and unsanitary conditions since nonpotable water can contain bacteria and debris.

What Are the Signs You Need an Inspection?

well inspectionResidential water systems include backflow prevention devices to ensure that water only flows in one direction. However, these can fail over time without proper maintenance. Scheduling an annual well or plumbing inspection helps you ensure that everything is flowing correctly. You should also schedule one after having a new backflow prevention device installed and if you notice a cloudy or discolored appearance to your drinking water.

What Happens During a Backflow Inspection?

The process involves looking at the entire water line, along with the device that is used to regulate water pressure and control the flow of water. This usually involves opening and closing each of the valves and measuring changes in water pressure. If there’s a notable variance, the technician may need to repair or replace the device.


If you need to schedule backflow testing or a well inspection, contact Marshall Eye Jr. Water Well Drilling & Repair Service in Potosi, MO. The well drilling and excavation contractor offers a wide array of well services to help people access and maintain quality water in their homes. In business since 1959, the family business offers well inspections, hydrofracking, drilling, trenching, and pump service. Visit the company’s website to see a full list of services. To request an estimate or well inspection, call (314) 541-6239.

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