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Adios Germs and Allergies! February 21, 2020

East Oak Hill, Austin
Adios Germs and Allergies!, Austin, Texas

In addition to routine service, you can request a deeper cleanse from your office cleaning services company. While you don’t need it weekly, it can give you a higher quality clean after office parties or for general spring-cleaning. How often you’ll need a deep clean will depend on the type of business you manage and how many employees you have. This overview will help you understand what’s involved in this type of cleaning service.

How Do Office Cleaning Services Perform a Deep Clean? 

Pay Extra Attention to the Restrooms

The restrooms in your office require a special level of attention during a deep clean. While deodorizing tabs can keep toilets and urinals disinfected week to week, they should be cleaned thoroughly. This involves using a disinfectant cleaner and a scouring brush to clean the bowl, rim, and full exterior of the porcelain.

Also, a scrubbing machine should be used to clean away urine stains and germs from the floor. The commercial cleaning company will also disinfect mirrors, sinks, and other fixtures.

Give the Break Area a Thorough Cleaning Office Cleaning Services

Over time, the kitchen or break area in your office can become as unsanitary as the bathroom. The refrigerator and microwave can get particularly dirty if not cleaned regularly.

Before your office cleaning service comes, be sure to warn employees to remove their food, drinks, and other items from the area. The refrigerator, microwave, tables, sink, and counters will be cleaned with a disinfectant solution.

Your cleaning service may even move large appliances like the refrigerator or vending machines to clean behind and underneath them. They will mop the floors and scrub the walls. You should keep employees out of the kitchen or hire the service after normal work hours.

Other Aspects of a Deep Clean

Your janitorial service will also wash windows, dust drapes and blinds, wipe down electronic equipment, and clean the floors. The cleaners will do the heavy lifting of desks and other equipment to clean hard-to-reach areas.

They will wash baseboards and ensure every part of the carpet has been cleaned with a steam cleaner. Tiled floors will be stripped and waxed as well.


Hire JK Commercial Cleaning in Austin, TX, to deep clean your office’s bathrooms, kitchen, and conference rooms. This office cleaning service uses eco-friendly cleaners and energy-efficient machines, so you can feel confident that you’re sticking to a green philosophy. They’re locally owned and can provide quality of service to commercial businesses throughout central Texas. To learn more about their eco-friendly practices, visit them online. To schedule service, call (512) 228-1837.

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