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5 Ways to Label Boxes for Your Storage Unit March 3, 2020

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5 Ways to Label Boxes for Your Storage Unit, Anchorage, Alaska

If you're getting started on your spring cleaning, preparing for a renovation, or downsizing to an apartment, putting belongings in a storage unit can help you tidy up. However, you also must keep the storage space organized, so you can find items you need quickly. When boxing up your belongings, follow these labeling tips to keep everything in order.

How to Effectively Label Boxes for Storage

1. Get the Proper Materials

Before starting, decide what type of materials you need to pack your items. You can easily label your boxes with markers, but if you have bad handwriting or want a less permanent solution, get a label printer instead. This device will create quick, easy-to-read tags you can stick on boxes and peel off when you choose. You could also write on index cards and tape them to the boxes if you prefer a homemade label approach.

2. Note Special Requirements

Your items shouldn't all be handled in the same way. After all, a box full of pillows is much less fragile than one full of framed photographs. Add labels or writing to boxes that contain sensitive or delicate materials, so you'll know to treat them with care. These items should also be wrapped in bubble wrap and surrounded by foam padding or packing peanuts.

3. Make Lists & Spreadsheets

storage unitsNo matter how you're labeling your boxes, always keep a list of what's in your storage unit. This step is especially crucial if you're moving a lot of items in identical containers, as they can easily blend together and make finding what you need nearly impossible. Print out a copy of this key and keep it somewhere safe, but also save it on your computer so you can update it as needed.

4. Try Color Coding

Color coding is an effective strategy if you're packing items by category. For example, you can assign a color to each room of your home or to each member of your family. That way, if you're looking for plates, you know to check the color assigned to your kitchen items, but if you're looking for your children's toys, you can head straight for their color. This will allow you to quickly identify what's where at a glance without having to read the labels.

5. Consider Numeric Organization

While color coding will help break up large sections of boxes, numbering the boxes in each section will help you organize even more. For example, if green labels indicate clothing, the number one could be used for pants, two could be used for shirts, and three could be used for jackets. By using numbers to label subcategories within each color, you'll be able to identify which box you're looking for with much more accuracy.


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