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4 Key Steps of Pre-Construction Site Work March 10, 2020

College Point, Queens
4 Key Steps of Pre-Construction Site Work, Queens, New York

If you’re preparing for commercial site work, there are many steps that need to occur before construction can take place. Whether you’re laying down a parking lot or erecting a new building, the land needs to support the project to ensure work is completed safely and efficiently. Below are some of the pre-construction steps you should expect.

What’s Involved in Pre-Construction Site Work?

1. Soil Testing

Soil testing determines the composition and characteristics of the land. Sand content and the soil’s ability to hold moisture will affect the building process. Land with elevated rock or sand levels will be unstable and unable to hold heavy loads without shifting, which can pose issues for machinery. An inability to absorb moisture will also increase the risk of flooding, which affects the types of drainage solutions you must install.

Factors like these should be known before new construction begins to allow builders to adjust the design or paving process to accommodate them.

2. Site Clearing

The paving contractor will then remove any obstacles to create an even surface for the asphalt or concrete. They’ll level off the land and have vegetation and debris hauled off. This creates a flat, mostly smooth surface that’s ready to be developed.

3. Land Surveying

site workThe site will also need to be surveyed by a professional. This step is generally required by local and state laws before permits are issued to ensure your project is being done on the correct lot and with the right processes. The surveyor will analyze the structure being built and provide guidance on building procedures based on elevation.

4. Design

The design of the site should be a fluid process that changes depending on the circumstances. At the beginning, your team will already know the size, shape, and positioning of the structure. However, if problems arise during the development phase or your contractor suggests changes to make the project safer or more effective, you may have to adjust the plan. As you get closer to the construction phase, the design should begin to solidify.


Are you ready to get the process of site work started? The professionals at Grey-Ruso Construction in College Point, NY, offer efficient commercial paving and asphalt services. In business for over 35 years, their group of licensed, bonded, and insured contractors will ensure your land is structurally sound to support your building. You can learn more about their services online, and call (718) 358-1836 for a free quote.

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