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​Save Money This Fall With Energy-Saving Tips From Branford’s Top Electricians October 29, 2015

Branford, New Haven County
​Save Money This Fall With Energy-Saving Tips From Branford’s Top Electricians, Branford, Connecticut

Winter is on its way, but that doesn’t mean your electric bill has to skyrocket in order to stay warm. There are actually several things you can do to make your home more efficient, reducing the work load on your heating system and saving you money. Consider these five energy-saving tips from the electricians at NJF Electrical Services in Branford, CT:

  1. Reprogram Your Thermostat: Now that cooler weather is upon us, be sure to reset your automated thermostat so that you are heating and cooling your house only when you need to.
  2. Winterize Windows & Doors: Examine doors and windows to see if there are any air leaks. If so, install weather stripping to block out the cold. You can also apply heat-activated plastic to seal up drafty windows.image
  3. Change HVAC Filters: Dirty filters can prevent your heating and cooling elements from working properly. The electrical service experts at NJF Electric Services suggest that you change out filters at least once every season.
  4. Clear Vents & Radiators: Were you using the radiator as an extra shelf during the summer? It's time to remove anything that's blocking your heating elements. Not only are you blocking the warm air, but you could also potentially cause a fire.
  5. Keep An Eye On The Forecast: Mother Nature is known to be fickle. That’s why it’s important to know about changes in the weather so that you can adjust the temperature accordingly. Not only will you stay comfortable, but you’ll also save money on energy bills.

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