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3 Bridal Hair Looks for Natural Locks March 20, 2020

Chelsea, Manhattan
3 Bridal Hair Looks for Natural Locks, Manhattan, New York

Many women choose to embrace their natural hair, opting to enhance their curls instead of using chemical relaxers to alter the texture. If you are about to get married, there are several bridal hair options for natural locks that are sure to stun. Below are a few looks you can bring up during a consultation with your stylist.

How to Style Natural Hair for a Wedding

1. Curly Bun

To show off your earrings and the shoulders, back, and neckline of your dress, choose an updo. To create a stunning bun, a stylist will start by detangling your strands. Next, they’ll use a pomade and brush to smooth out and pull back the curls into a ponytail.

For a low bun, they’ll gather your hair at the nape of the neck. For a high updo, they’ll pull the hair from the crown and secure it with ties and bobby pins. You can wear a tiara or headband to pull the focus to your bridal hair. 

2. Afro

New-York-New-York-bridal-hairAn afro works with short, medium, and long locks. It will also highlight the various shades of your curls.

As it’s hard for the natural sebum to travel down tight coils, the stylist will use shea butter or another moisturizer to hydrate your stands. This will also add sheen to your tresses and give definition and texture. To create volume, the stylist will comb an afro pick through your hair. 

3. Cornrows 

For a sleek look without chemicals, consider cornrows.

To minimize volume, the stylist will braid your hair close to the scalp. To add sheen and reduce the risk of breakage, they’ll also apply a revitalizing moisturizer to the strands. They’ll then part the hair into small sections, braiding each piece back to the nape of the neck.


For help creating flawless bridal hair for your big day, contact Bloom Beauty Lounge in New York City. The stylists at this Chelsea hair salon will work with your natural texture to create a head-turning look. To help you feel beautiful and confident while walking down the aisle, they can also apply a new hair color and give you an updated cut. For a consultation, call (212) 255-9355. You can also learn more about their work with curly hair online or see photos of their work on Instagram

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