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4 FAQ About UTIs April 6, 2020

Fulton, Oswego
4 FAQ About UTIs, Fulton, New York

Urinary tract infections are a common problem that will impact roughly 50% to 60% of women at some point in their lifetime. While men can also contract UTIs, women’s health clinics treat this issue with much more frequency. If you’re experiencing issues using the restroom, here is a list of frequently asked questions about UTIs answered by experienced gynecologists. 

Questions About UTIs Answered

What causes UTIs?

A urinary tract infection is caused by bacteria making their way through the urethra and into the bladder where they start to multiply. Since women have a shorter urethra, they are more susceptible to bacteria entering the tract and thriving.

Most patients who visit women’s health centers for UTI treatment contract the infection for a variety of reasons, including during sexual activity, due to the use of certain birth control methods such as spermicides and diaphragms, a suppressed immune system, wiping from back to front when using the restroom, or as a result of menopause. 

Why is this infection painful?

Women's HealthWhen you have a UTI, there is an influx of unhealthy bacteria wreaking havoc on the delicate lining of your bladder. Bacteria cause inflammation and trick the brain into thinking you need to urinate constantly. As a result, you may experience a burning sensation while urinating, as well as ongoing abdominal pain. 

What treatments are available?

A gynecologist will prescribe antibiotics to help your body clear the infection. For mild UTIs, you may be able to help the infection pass by drinking plenty of fluids, taking probiotics, getting plenty of vitamin C, and maintaining excellent hygiene. Stay in contact with your physician and schedule an appointment if your symptoms worsen over time. 

How can UTIs be prevented?

You can reduce the risk of contracting a UTI by drinking plenty of water. By staying hydrated, you’ll empty your bladder with added frequency and in doing so, bacteria will have less time to grow and thrive in your system.

Women’s health experts also encourage patients to urinate immediately after intercourse and avoid using feminine hygiene products that are scented and can cause irritation. When using the restroom, always wipe from front to back to reduce the risk of bacteria moving from the anus into the urethra. Should diaphragms and spermicides be your primary source of birth control, consider talking to your gynecologist about other options. 



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