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4 Ideas for Kid-Friendly Fun on Concrete Surfaces April 3, 2020

Cookeville, Putnam
4 Ideas for Kid-Friendly Fun on Concrete Surfaces, Cookeville, Tennessee

As the weather improves, your little ones may start bugging you to head outside and play. But how can you ensure they have fun without straying too far from home? Here are a few activities they can do without leaving your concrete driveway or sidewalk.

How Your Children Can Play on Concrete Surfaces

1. Chalk Art Sessions

When the weather’s nice, why not bring that arts and crafts session outside? All you need is a tub of multi-color chalk and a flat concrete surface. Unlike with your home’s walls and floors, you can let your little ones doodle as they please without worrying about a stubborn mess. 

2. Hopscotch

concreteIf they get tired of drawing, you can sketch rows of squares and teach your kids how to play hopscotch. Write the numbers 1 through 10 in each box, alternating between rows of one and two squares each. By jumping from foot to foot and trying not to land on any of the lines, your kids will get some exercise while concentrating on basic arithmetic.

3. Jump Rope

Concrete is also the perfect surface for a heart-pumping jump rope session. Unlike grass, the rope won’t get tangled in the weeds and potentially cause a trip and fall accident. Plus, as it hits the pavement, your kids will be able to recognize the rhythm and better time their jumps.

4. Bicycles & Tricycles

Depending on their age, your child may be just learning how to ride a three-wheeler, or already trying their hand without training wheels. No matter what stage they’re at, a flat concrete surface will allow them to practice their skills without bumping into rocks or stumbling into potholes. In fact, they can use your concrete driveway for anything with wheels—even their toy cars!


To create a safe space for your child to play, you’ll want to keep your concrete surfaces in excellent condition. If you notice cracks or uneven areas, turn to Bellis Concrete Construction of Cookeville, TN. They provide residential and commercial customers throughout the Upper Cumberland area with smooth concrete floors, sidewalks, and patios. They also offer stamped concrete for a decorative, textured finish that prevents slipping. To learn more about their offerings, visit their website or call (931) 528-6240.

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