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How Networking Will Contribute to a More Successful Practice February 24, 2020

Kensington, 13
How Networking Will Contribute to a More Successful Practice, 13, Maryland


Providing personalized and attentive care is just one pillar of running a thriving practice. Another crucial component is networking. Clinicians who spend a small portion of their time connecting with others in the medical field—whether at conferences, leadership retreats, or peer-to-peer dinners—can enhance their effectiveness in many ways. 

3 Ways Networking Will Further the Success of Your Practice 

1. Increase Referral Rates 

By connecting with other reputable providers across a variety of fields, you’ll establish a network of clinicians who can refer patients to one another. While ranking and review sites have made it relatively easy to find specialists, most patients value a recommendation from their current provider above all else. As such, networking can ultimately improve your bottom line.

2. Facilitate Continuing Education 

leadership retreatNetworking provides physicians all kinds of opportunities to expand their knowledge and increase their skills. Actual events, like conferences, will further your education, for example, as will the discussions you have with those in attendance afterward. Since every clinician approaches medicine in their own unique way, there will be something to learn from each connection you make. If you apply their most successful strategies to your own practice, your patients will inevitably benefit. 

3. Provide More Comprehensive Care 

Connecting with clinicians both in your field and in other specialties will allow you to provide the most comprehensive care possible. When talking to peers, for example, you might learn about new technologies for performing more accurate diagnostics or less invasive procedures. As for consulting specialists in other fields, you’ll gain an extensive knowledge of local providers who can address issues that you can't. Therefore, it’s wise to attend events and leadership retreats that aren't solely limited to those in your specialty. 

 Communication & Leadership Program

Our online interactive group program (33 sessions per year) on presentation skills, positive psychology, mindfulness, leadership characteristics, and management techniques. You are invited to participate in the program via Zoom. Current Disciplines Represented: Psychiatry, Chiropractic, Psychotherapy, dentistry, Patient advocate, students, etc.

To connect with other clinicians, turn to Metro Collaborative™, a health care networking group based in New York City. They help their members expand their connections through business coaching, leadership retreats, peer-to-peer dinners, and holistic workshops. To explore all their offerings, visit their website. To reserve your place at their next event or leadership retreat, call (609) 876-9163.

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