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3 Ways to Implement Feng Shui in Your Bathroom Design May 21, 2020

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3 Ways to Implement Feng Shui in Your Bathroom Design, Rochester, New York

Introducing feng shui to some areas of the home can be tricky. That’s especially true of the bathroom, as elements like flowing and draining water are typically associated with energy “leaks” that take away from the harmony and peace of a space. However, this doesn’t have to be a detriment if you’re interested in rejuvenating the room and focusing on a calmer bathroom design. Here are three ways to bring your vision to life.

How to Include Feng Shui in Your Bathroom

1. Balance Your Elements

Water is the predominant element in the bathroom, so it’s vital to establish a balance of feng shui elements if your goal is to create a natural flow of energy. You can do this by introducing something made with wood, such as a storage cabinet, chrome or steel pulls for the metal element, candles for the fire element, and a bowl of crystals or stones for the decorative and grounding earth element.

2. Cure With Yang

bathroom designThe presence of abundant water in the bathroom may convince some believers that the space contains too much Yin, as this characteristic is embodied by coolness and darkness. To warm up and cure the area, increase the amount of Yang in your bathroom design by adding elements of warmth and harmony, such as soft lighting, live plants, soft colors, and lightweight fabrics.

3. Install Storage Spaces

To truly fall in line with the basic tenets of feng shui, the bathroom must be as clean as possible and free of clutter. Disorderliness contributes to disharmony, which takes away from the ease of the space and contributes to overall negative energy. If you store many different items in this room, ask your remodeling contractor to install a cabinet or two where you can organize everything and keep it all out of sight. That will help convey a sense of calm.


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