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4 Signs You Need New Gutters April 7, 2020

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4 Signs You Need New Gutters, Moriches, New York

When they’re doing their job, your home’s gutters protect its walls, foundation, doors, and windows from a variety of issues caused by excess moisture. Proper maintenance, like regular inspections and repairs, and additions like gutter covers, can extend the life of your system and improve your home’s drainage. To keep your gutters working effectively, learn about a few problems that can occur, and how to spot them.

A Guide to Common Gutter Problems

1. Peeling Paint or Rust

Gutter paint is designed to endure the weather and elements. If you notice peeling paint or flecks of orange rust on your gutters, it could mean they are not draining properly, leading to standing water. Look at the gutter near peeling paint for a leak that could be causing the damage.

2. Sagging or Pulling Gutters

gutter coversGutters that sag or pull away from your home are big red flags. Often sagging is due to excess weight from standing water. If there is a lot of collected debris in your gutters, the system may be blocked from draining. Gutter covers installed by a professional can help keep your system clear of debris like leaves and branches.

3. Cracks & Leaks

A cracked, leaky gutter can’t effectively direct water away from your home. Keep an eye out for small cracks that leak after rain or snow. It’s easier and less costly to fix small cracks before they turn into larger problems. Over time, an unchecked leak can cause significant damage to your siding, roof shingles, and the foundation of your home. 

4. Mildew or Pooling Water

On a sunny day, look at the areas underneath your gutters and where the downspouts end. There shouldn’t be any signs of mildew or standing water, nor should there be any pools of water around your home’s foundation. If you notice these issues, your gutters could be defective.


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