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3 Signs You Need New Tires April 7, 2020

Eastside, Paterson
3 Signs You Need New Tires, Paterson, New Jersey

Vehicle owners must periodically install new tires to ensure their cars are safe to operate. Several factors indicate that it’s time to make this swap to improve traction and better maneuverability. Below are three signs to look for that indicate you should buy new tires for your ride.

When Do You Need New Tires?

1. They’re Not Holding Air new tires New York City NY

Drive to a gas station and use the compressor to air up the tires. Check the sidewall of the tire where the rubber is flat to learn the recommended amount of air per square inch rating, also known as the PSI.

For passenger vehicles, this measurement is usually between 32 and 35, but larger rigs may use around 60 PSI. This measurement is the highest rating, so fill them up a little less in the summer to account for heat expansion. Fill to the recommended measurement in the winter when low temperatures can make air contract. The next day, check the pressure with a handheld gauge to compare the current pressure with the amount you added the day before. If the pressure has changed more than a few PSI, it’s time to look into new tires.

2. The Tread Is Worn

Car treads should provide traction on every surface thanks to their unique patterns and depths. Over time, they wear down, exposing the cords through the rubber. New tires feature a horizontal bar imprinted into the tread to indicate when it has worn past 2/32 of an inch thick. If the tire surface is even with this bar, it’s not providing excellent traction, and you should replace it to improve safety.

3. The Wear Is Uneven

Every time you turn and stop, you’re eating away at the rubber surface. If you don’t rotate the tires, they may go bald in these spots and require replacements. Look for balding or areas where there is no tread left as a sign that you need a new tire right away. After you get a new set, rotate them every six months or 6,000 to 8,000 miles to prevent uneven deterioration.



Vehicle owners interested in purchasing new tires should visit 21 Ave Tire Repair in Paterson, NJ, to browse their inventory. The company offers tire sales, as well as patching, plugs, tire mounting, and balancing. Call the used and new tire sales company at (973) 225-0923 or visit their website for information on their tire disposal services.

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