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3 Creative Uses for Firewood March 5, 2020

New London, Stanly
3 Creative Uses for Firewood, New London, North Carolina

When you think of firewood, you may picture roaring flames in an outdoor pit or under the mantel in your home. However, it can provide more than just warmth and flickering light. If you’ve had a tree removed on your property or just have more wood than you can burn in a bonfire, here are some additional ways to use it.

How to Make Use of Extra Firewood

1. Flower Bed Borders

Flower beds can add color and texture to your landscaping. Normally, these beds are outlined using bricks, stones, or concrete. However, wood logs can work just as well. Simply place them around the flower bed and then fill the area in with soil or mulch. This is especially useful for those who want to create a rustic look for their garden.

2. Buried Under Gardens

firewoodAs firewood decomposes, it releases nutrients into the soil, which can support healthy flower and plant growth. When you bury large chunks of wood under the earth, that decomposition happens slowly, so it can support your garden for multiple seasons. Additionally, as the wood absorbs moisture from the ground, it can help your plants stay hydrated throughout dry spells.

3. Pathways

If your gardens are already set, use firewood for new pathways around your outdoor space. You can use it to outline borders along the side of walkways or have it turned into mulch that can fill in space around pavers or bricks. This adds texture to your landscaping and provides an economical and eco-friendly solution.


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