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5 HVAC System Maintenance Tips for the Spring March 13, 2020

Woodland Park, Passaic
5 HVAC System Maintenance Tips for the Spring, Woodland Park, New Jersey

Spring is the perfect time to get your residential HVAC system ready for warmer weather. Having your air conditioning unit in top shape ensures a comfortable home and reduces the chance of a breakdown when you need cooling most. Here are a few maintenance tasks to perform if you want the system to run at peak efficiency.

How to Maintain Your HVAC System This Spring

1. Check the Filter

residential HVACThe first step when prepping your residential HVAC unit is to check and change the filter. This vital component is responsible for catching dirt, dust, allergens, and more so that they aren’t blowing into your home. If your filter is disposable, replace it, but if it is reusable, clean it thoroughly. Check your filter every month to six weeks.

2. Try Your Thermostat

The thermostat communicates to your unit, but if it is malfunctioning, your A/C won’t turn on. Test all the controls, and make sure the settings are working according to your pre-set program. If something seems off, it may need to be recalibrated or you might need an upgrade.

3. Clean All Components

Everything should be dusted and cleaned for optimal operation. First, ensure nothing is blocking vents and registers, such as toys, furniture, and boxes, and dust away dirt and cobwebs. Also, clean off blower fans and coils. For exterior parts, remove landscaping debris and trash, and make sure the outside unit has at least two feet of clearance around it.

4. Turn It On

Turn on your unit and feel for cool air. If it’s warm and adjusting the thermostat isn’t helping, call your HVAC contractor to diagnose the cause. If no air is flowing at all, it could be anything from an electrical problem to trouble with the fans and motor. Your technician should be able to determine the culprit.

5. Listen for Strange Noises

Check to see if your system makes banging or rattling noises. If so, it’s most likely a loose component. However, if you hear grinding noises, the compressor likely needs repair or replacement.


With spring just around the corner, getting your residential HVAC unit in shape is a priority. Let Prestige Air Heating & Cooling in Woodland Park, NJ, help you through your maintenance checklist. As an American Standard® authorized dealer, their NATE-certified technician leads a professional team ready to help 24-hours a day with anything from heating system repair and installation to commercial HVAC services. To make an appointment, call (973) 818-4590. Check out their website for their full list of offerings.

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