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How to Care for Your Sports Car April 6, 2020

Oak Harbor, Island
How to Care for Your Sports Car, Oak Harbor, Washington

The goal of every driver is to limit the need for auto repairs and extend the vehicle's longevity. With a sports car, those two objectives are particularly challenging because of the fast lifestyle and temptations associated with a fashionable model. Thankfully, you can protect your vehicle by following this simple owner's guide. 

3 Care Tips for Sports Car Owners

1. Clean the Vehicle Often

The eye-catching finish — both the interior and exterior — of sports cars is part of their primary appeal for many drivers. Yet, exposure to the elements and regular usage can quickly wear down the materials. Help reduce the risk of damage by washing the vehicle weekly and cleaning the interior monthly. However, you must utilize the right products to avoid inflicting damage yourself. 

2. Stick to a Maintenance Schedule

auto repairsRegular oil changes, tune-ups, and tire alignments are vital to keep a vehicle running optimally and reduce the need for auto repairs. For that reason, you must follow a consistent car maintenance schedule. The required timeframe is dependent on the vehicle and the service itself. For example, cars that utilize synthetic oil typically only need a change once a year or every 10,000 miles. To determine the frequency, check the manufacturer's recommendations for your specific model. 

3. Practice Safe Driving Habits

While most sports cars can reach high speeds and provide instant reactions, it's not a requirement of ownership. Prolonging the life of the vehicle requires avoiding unnecessary auto repairs. Achieve that feat with a careful on-the-road approach. Practice defensive driving skills, stick with the posted speed limit, and be mindful of the weather-related road conditions when you're behind the wheel. 

Keep your vehicle running reliably with the assistance of the Car Care Clinic at Gateway Transmissions. Since 1999, the local shop has served the needs of drivers in Oak Harbor and Mount Vernon, WA. The trusted auto mechanics are committed to quality work, even providing a two-year, 24,000-mile warranty on all auto repairs. Learn more about their service online, and schedule an appointment at (360) 424-3100 in Skagit County or (360) 679-0700 in Island County.

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