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Do’s & Don’ts of Car Service Etiquette May 11, 2020

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Do’s & Don’ts of Car Service Etiquette, Brooklyn, New York

Hiring a car service to pick you up from the airport and take you where you need to go is the best alternative to hailing a taxi with dozens of other people. However, if you’ve never hired a car service for airport transportation before, you may not be aware of the type of etiquette to follow. Below are a few do’s and don’ts of car service etiquette to help you and your driver experience a pleasant ride.


Let your driver open the door.

car-service-NYAllowing your driver to open your door as you enter and exit is the best practice. These professionals pride themselves in providing the highest quality service, which includes making the ride as easy and comfortable as possible for clients. Rather than opening and closing your own door, allow them to perform their duties to give you the full experience of using a car service.

Tip your driver.

Tipping your driver is seen as proper etiquette in the case of private transportation. In general, it’s best to start with 15% for rides to and from the airport. Increase it to 20% or more if you’re traveling during rush hour or off-the-clock hours, such as 2 a.m., to catch a flight. 


Give them advice on how to drive.

Being a backseat driver can make the luxury car service experience unpleasant for both you and the driver. Your chauffeur may ask if you have a specific route you’d like to take; however, after providing a preferred route, allow them to take you there without interfering. Their job is to get you to and from your destination safely, so it’s best to avoid commenting on how they should drive or which routes they should take.

Eat or drink in the car.

Save your snacking for the hotel or airport. Eating in a moving car can be messy, as drinks and food can spill on to the seat and floor. The driver may have to clean it up after you leave, and you may be subject to a cleaning fee. Instead, wait until you’ve reached your destination to crack open a snack. This way, you know you’ve left a clean car behind and the next passenger can enjoy their experience as well.



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