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What Problems Will Spare Auto Keys Help You Avoid? March 20, 2020

New Haven, New Haven County
What Problems Will Spare Auto Keys Help You Avoid?, New Haven, Connecticut

Auto lockouts take seconds to occur and can leave you stranded, late for work, and stressed out. Luckily, key duplication will help you avoid these issues by ensuring you always have a spare if your original becomes misplaced. To further help you avoid lockouts, here’s information on a few of the common scenarios that lead to them. 

4 Common Reasons for Car Lockouts

1. Lost Keys

Sometimes, you simply misplace them. They could fall out of your purse, slip off a counter, or get left at a restaurant. When this happens, most people don’t realize they don’t have ways to access their vehicles until they’re at the parking lot.

2. Keys Forgotten on the Seat

key-duplication-new-havenOne of the most frustrating lockouts happens when you can see the set through the car window. It’s easy to drop them on the seat as you get out or forget them in a cupholder. To prevent this, keep your key in hand as you exit.

3. Keys Left in the Trunk

If you’re digging through your trunk or loading groceries, always keep your keys in your pocket. They can easily fall in, or you may set them down in the trunk momentarily and forget them. It’s also wise to always check your trunk before closing it just to be sure you don’t make a mistake.

4. Broken Keys

An older or rusted set can break off inside the locking mechanism of a vehicle’s door. To prevent this issue, avoid using the lock on the car door, and replace any auto keys that have corrosion or damage. 


For car key duplication in the New Haven County, CT, contact Cohen’s Key Shop. This business is backed by 130 years of experience and will provide you with spare sets to help you avoid auto lockouts. They copy pairs for foreign and domestic vehicles, motorcycles, and boats. Explore their key duplication services on their website, or call (203) 397-3528 to discuss your needs.

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