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5 Common Septic Tank Issues April 16, 2020

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5 Common Septic Tank Issues , Corbin, Kentucky

Septic systems are integral in ensuring that you have a consistent supply of clean water in your home. However, most homeowners don't give their septic system much thought until a problem occurs. Even minor issues can lead to significant headaches, like damage to your home and landscape and potential illness due to contaminated water. Consider the following guide to keep an eye out for common septic issues that will keep small problems from becoming major concerns.

A Guide to Septic System Issues

1. Leaks

If you spot standing water, soggy ground, or exceptionally green grass near your septic tank and smell sewage, there is a leak in the septic tank. Leaks can be caused by anything from cold weather and faulty construction to the age of the tank. Because leaking sewage can contaminate groundwater with harmful bacteria that can cause serious illnesses, schedule an inspection and repairs immediately. 

2. Tree Roots

Tree roots often grow and expand into the drainfield, attracted by the extra nutrients in the soil. The roots grow into small cracks in the septic tank and pipes, eventually making the cracks larger. Placing the tank away from any mature trees helps prevent this problem. Also, plant new trees as far from the tank as possible to ensure that eventual growth won't interfere with the tank.

3. Clogs 

septic tank Corbin, KYIf all of the toilets and sinks in your home drain slowly, or you smell or see sewage inside, it's likely you have a clog. A full septic tank can lead to clogs, so be sure to have it pumped every three to five years. Avoid flushing inappropriate items and substances down the toilets and drains, as well. These include feminine hygiene products, diapers, cat litter, and grease, all of which can fill the tank faster and clog pipes.

4. Household Cleaners

Harsh household products, especially drain cleaners, can cause corrosion and leaks. Cleaners containing bleach, ammonia, or phosphates also disrupt the bacteria balance in the septic tank, preventing the breakdown of solid waste. Choose products labeled "septic friendly" that don't contain phosphates, solvents, lye, or disinfectants, and use non-chemical methods, like regular pumping, to clear clogged drains.

5. Excessive Waste

Overwhelming the tank with waste can cause backups and strong odors near the tank. The correct tank size for your home depends on the number of bedrooms and your typical water usage. Planning your water usage, such as running the dishwasher when no one is home, helps the tank control the flow of wastewater. If you continually have problems and need to pump your tank more often than usual, you may need a bigger tank.


Effective septic system maintenance begins with experienced professionals. For help keeping your home septic in good working condition, turn to Cox's Septic Service in Corbin, KY. These experts have the knowledge and experience to keep your system running, through services like routine maintenance, septic tank pumping, emergency plumbing, and leach field inspections. To view a full list of their services, visit them online. You can also call (606) 528-4782 today to schedule tank pumping or an inspection.

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