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How to Know If a Firm Can Take Your Case March 25, 2020

Boston, Suffolk
How to Know If a Firm Can Take Your Case, Boston, Massachusetts

While attorneys work to fight for their clients, they don’t take every case. It’s standard for lawyers to scrutinize a particular case, especially when it comes to complex areas, such as personal injury law. If you’re currently involved in a legal matter, it’s essential to understand the factors that will be used to assess whether or not an attorney will accept your case. Here’s what you need to know.

What Are Some Details to Consider Before Contacting an Attorney?

Generally, attorneys look at crucial elements—such as the merits of the claim, client, and types of damages—to determine if they will pursue the case. Before discussing your circumstances with a lawyer, make sure you have the details, like the timeline, people involved, laws violated, summary of damages, and other basic facts related to your claim. Law firms can more readily help you if you can describe your situation effectively and give evidence that you have legal grounds to pursue a case.

personal injuryTo have the best chances of resolving your claim, be honest and straightforward, especially regarding your expectations about the case. Attorneys also take note of your credibility and attitude during your meeting, as these factors are crucial in a courtroom.

In a personal injury case, for instance, an attorney should know from the start whether or not the client was somehow liable for their injuries, as well as how much of the fault was theirs. If a client misleads their representation, they may end up with no monetary compensation and even face legal sanctions for being dishonest.

Why Do Lawyers Not Take Some Cases?

Often, lawyers will not take a case right away if the statute of limitations has expired. This means the deadline to file a lawsuit has passed, and the court will immediately dismiss the case. Other times, a law firm will refuse to represent a client if there is a conflict of interest, like if they are already involved with the opposing party.

If your case is outside a lawyer’s area of expertise, you will also likely need to look for other representation. Lastly, you might not have a case if you are filing a personal injury claim and share more than 50% of the fault, disqualifying you from recovering damages.


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