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4 Reasons to Hire a Car Service When Traveling With Employees May 6, 2020

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
4 Reasons to Hire a Car Service When Traveling With Employees, Brooklyn, New York

Transportation is always an issue when traveling with employees, especially when you’re visiting New York City. While the city does offer an extensive public transportation network, delays are common, and taxis may not always be available when needed. If you’re traveling with a group of employees for business, below are some compelling reasons to hire a professional car service.

How a Car Service Benefits Your Employees

1. Ensure Everyone Arrives on Time

Whether you’re traveling for a networking event, a conference, or meeting new clients, arriving on time conveys an image of reliability and professionalism. A private car service allows all members of your team to travel together, ensuring that everyone arrives at the event promptly.

2. Ride in Comfort & Style

car servicePrivate car services take pride in offering a variety of luxury sedans that are cleaned, polished, and carefully maintained. Not only does this provide you with the most comfortable ride possible, but arriving in a private car also makes a strong first impression with potential clients and partners.

3. Overall Cost Savings

Most private car services offer luxurious vans or SUVs, which may be able to accommodate your entire team. If you’re covering your employees’ travel expenses, hiring one luxury vehicle can be much more cost-effective than several individual taxi bills.

4. Eliminate Common Delays

Driving in New York City is difficult, especially when congestion piles up around many one-way streets. Traffic jams can cause delays in your schedule. Car service drivers know the city and its traffic patterns, and dispatchers will provide helpful advice on the best pickup times and routes. With their help, you can reduce the risk of getting lost or stuck in a traffic jam you might face if you’d rented a car.


For over 30 years, Brooklyn Radio Dispatcher has offered premium, reliable service to business owners and employees throughout the Tri-State area. Whether you’re traveling for a trade show or meeting with new clients, their drivers will ensure you and your team arrive on time and in style. To review their options and schedule a car service, visit their website or call (718) 384-4444.

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