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3 Tips to Plan an At-Home Movie Date February 21, 2020

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3 Tips to Plan an At-Home Movie Date, Lander, Wyoming

Having your movie date at home rather than going to the theater offers some unique perks. You’ll enjoy more privacy, you can pause the movie to talk, it’s more affordable, and you can marathon your favorite TV show or movie series. With the right planning and some popcorn, you can make a home movie date feel more special than any night out.

How to Create a Special At-Home Movie Date

1. Set a Theme

Selecting a theme for your movie night may help you choose your movie, ambiance, and sets the tone for your date. A romantic movie can be paired with rose petals, candles, champagne, and chocolate-dipped strawberries.

If you’re watching a classic or a fantasy movie, you can decorate the space to match the movie. For example, hang star lights around the room for Star Wars or create a tent with a sheet and pillows to watch The Princess Bride.

2. Get Snacks

No great movie is complete without a mixture of savory and sweet snacks. Stock up on popcorn, chocolate snacks, licorice, pretzels, and other favorites. Gourmet popcorn brings all your sweet and savory flavors together into a single delicious snack you can share.

3. Get Comfortable

At home, you can allow yourself to relax much more than in a theater. Place a stack of extra pillows and blankets within reach. Set the mood by turning down the lights and turning off your phones so your attention is completely on each other.


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