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3 Common Dyeing Blunders Corrective Color Can Fix February 21, 2020

Chelsea, Manhattan
3 Common Dyeing Blunders Corrective Color Can Fix, Manhattan, New York

An at-home dye job is never a good idea. Hair stylists are often called to perform color corrections for clients who aren’t happy with the results of DIY attempts. If you’re dealing with the aftermath of a dye job gone wrong, here are examples of a few common issues that professional stylists fix.

What Hair Problems Can a Color Correction Fix?

1. Overly Yellow Blonde

Not using the right shade of color is sometimes to blame for undesirable coloring. For example, a tint with overly warm tones can make yellow look unnatural. To neutralize the color, the color should have purple tones.

During a color correction, the stylist will apply a blonde dye with cool shades, such as wheat, ash, or icy beige, to counteract the yellow. 

2. Roots & Ends That Don’t Match

New-York-New-York-color-correctionIf your roots and ends aren’t the same shade, peroxide or timing issues could be to blame. If there’s too much or not enough peroxide, the pigment won’t penetrate the hair shaft properly. If you’ve dyed your hair before, the ends might be darker or lighter than the roots, which means different color formulations need to be used on the roots and the ends, and the timing needs to be taken into consideration to achieve even results. 

To correct mismatching colors, a stylist will first wash your locks with a clarifying shampoo. Then, they’ll redo the color service, starting from the roots, blending down the shaft, and adjusting how much time the chemicals soak into each section. 

3. Chunky Highlights

When applied correctly, highlights should look multidimensional and complement the hair’s natural tones. If the highlights aren’t properly spaced when applied, you could end up with chunky stripes.

To fix the mismatch, a stylist will balance the ratio of lightness to darkness to create the proper amount of dimension. They might also use the balayage technique of sweeping the color on with a brush to make the highlights look more natural.


If you aren’t happy with the results of a previous color service, the qualified stylists at Bloom Beauty Lounge in New York City are eager to help. Based in Chelsea, they offer a range of coloring procedures to help you achieve the shade you’re looking for. They blend shades to highlight and complement any skin tone. Learn more about their coloring work online or call (212) 255-9355 for an appointment. For inspiration, see client photos on their Instagram

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