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3 Advantages of Home Automation Systems February 18, 2020

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3 Advantages of Home Automation Systems, Texarkana, Arkansas

In today’s technology-driven age, many of your home’s systems—ranging from the lighting to the temperature settings—can now be adjusted with your personal device. This can not only be convenient but also save you money. While an electrician can answer more of your questions prior to installation, the guide below looks at some of the benefits of home automation.

Why Install a Home Automation System?

1. Improves Security 

Home automation can make it easier than ever to safeguard your house from intruders or to keep eyes on your pets or kids throughout the day. Options include setting up smartphone-controlled alarms and video surveillance to installing automated locks that alert you when someone enters your home.

2. Increases Energy Efficiency

A home automation system allows you to control your thermostat from remote locations. If you forget to adjust it before leaving for work, for example, you can use a smartphone to raise or lower the home’s temperature from the office.

You can also program the thermostat to automatically adjust the temperature at specific times of the day to help cut down on energy costs and keep the inside of your house as comfortable as possible.

During installation, talk to your electrician about other ways of reducing your energy consumption, such as by switching out your lights for LEDs.

3. Offers Remote Accessibility 

Arkansas ElectricianIn addition to heating and cooling systems, you can use home automation to remotely operate your locks, lighting, window shades, and more. This can be helpful in a number of situations. For example, you can use it if you’re out of town and need to unlock the door for a neighbor or dog walker or want to turn on the lights to make it appear as though you are at home to thwart burglars. 


To learn more about how a home automation system could benefit you, get in touch with the skilled electricians at Service First Electrical and Plumbing. For more than 50 years, this family-owned electrical contractor has been providing residents and business owners in the Texarkana area of Arkansas and Texas with a wide range of electrical services, including automation system installations, lighting repair, and computer and cable wiring. Learn more about their capabilities online. Call (870) 775-1035 to schedule an appointment today.

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