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A Guide to Car Exhaust Systems April 9, 2020

Elizabethtown, Hardin
A Guide to Car Exhaust Systems, Elizabethtown, Kentucky

Although drivers can always count on auto mechanics to resolve pressing vehicle issues, it’s helpful to understand the intricacies of standard car parts. One of the essential components is the exhaust system, which is designed to extract harmful emissions for the safety of drivers, passengers, the car, and the environment. Here’s what you should know about this crucial part of the vehicle and its various modules.

Major Car Exhaust System Components

1. Exhaust Manifold

The exhaust manifold is situated at the front of the system and directly connects to the engine. Its job is to store the gases that the engine’s cylinders expel, and then store the harmful gases that burn and deplete unused fuel. Since the engine produces heat, the manifold gradually develops small cracks, causing the system to produce unusual noises, vibrations, and leaks. It’s crucial to have an auto mechanic promptly inspect your exhaust if you experience any of these signs.

2. Muffler

TA fresh running exhaust after a visit to an auto mechaniche muffler sits at the back of the system and minimizes noise produced during the combustion process. This component is designed with internal tubes that make the sounds from combustion bounce around, blocking out any excessive noise pollution. It’s made with heavy-duty steel and an aluminum coat finish, creating a protective barrier that prevents corrosion by heat and gas exposure. Mufflers that develop rust cause the vehicle to vibrate during operation.

3. Catalytic Converter

Situated between the silencer and the manifold, the catalytic converter collects and converts harmful gases into water vapor and carbon dioxide. When the exhaust system converts these harmful properties into a less dangerous gas, they’re immediately expelled from the car. 

4. Oxygen Sensor

The sensor, located next to the manifold, measures the amount of oxygen within the exhaust system. The vehicle’s computer then determines the amount of gas the engine needs to run efficiently. Unexpected spikes in gas tank fill-ups or a strong sulfuric odor warrants a prompt auto mechanic visit to assess your sensor for damage.

Drivers in Elizabethtown, KY, trust in the auto mechanics at All Around Auto Care for their engine repair needs. Whether you’re concerned about an unusual sound or an odor, you can trust these professionals to resolve it. They also offer brake repairs, oil changes, and general car maintenance. Visit the website to learn more, or call (270) 737-9954 to schedule an appointment.

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