3 Reasons Why Businesses Still Use Faxing March 18, 2020

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3 Reasons Why Businesses Still Use Faxing, ,

While fax machines may seem obsolete to some, they’re actually growing in popularity. Telecommunications companies offer hosted faxing for a variety of reasons, and advancements in the technology mean that it will continue to be used for many years to come. Here’s why businesses still utilize this service. 

Why Is Faxing Still Useful?

1. No Cumbersome Machinery

You no longer need to have physical fax machines in your office. Faxing can be hosted by telecommunications companies, who provide the software for you to send whatever you want securely. They utilize high-level encryption to protect documents.

Log into your account, upload documents, and input the fax number. The telecommunications company will do the rest. Integrations with well-known email applications and cloud services, such as Google Drive® and Dropbox®, make the process even easier. Faxes sent to you will arrive in your email as digital documents, such as a PDF.

2. Convenient 

Telecommunications companyBecause so many businesses still use faxing, it would be inconvenient to not have this communication medium. In industries that require documents with traditional signatures—such as health care and law—as opposed to e-signatures, faxing provides an efficient way for people to get the signed documents they need. 

If a company requires faxed order forms or contracts to provide a service your business needs, having this technology means you can get up and running with their service quickly. If you have international clients, you might work with businesses in countries that still rely heavily on fax machines, such as Japan.

3. Confirmation 

When you send an important document, you want to know it was received. Fax confirmation documents will provide evidence if there is a dispute, such as who was at fault for a missed deadline. Email read receipts may be useful within organizations where everyone uses the same email service; however, the system is not always reliable if used between different email applications that may or may not support the read receipt function.


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