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A Beginner’s Guide to Diamond Cuts February 14, 2020

Pittsford, Monroe
A Beginner’s Guide to Diamond Cuts, Pittsford, New York

A diamond ring is an investment that’s meant to last a lifetime. When selecting a diamond cut, you’ll want to make sure it’s perfect. Whether you’re gathering ideas to steer your significant other in the right direction or you’re planning to surprise your loved one with a style you’ve picked out, here are some of the most popular diamond shapes to consider.

Round Brilliant

The round brilliant style is arguably the most iconic. It allows for the maximum amount of the stone to be preserved during the shaping process. Its many facets create stunning reflective qualities, so diamonds of any size that are cut in this shape can hold significant beauty. Celebrities like Emily Blunt have been seen flaunting these timeless stones, flanked by baguettes for additional style.


diamond ringThe princess cut is another popular option. Cut in either a square or rectangle, this shape allows for vibrant color in both the center of the stone as well as the corners. Like the round brilliant shape, they’re known for their reflective qualities. Actress Emily Ratajkowski is known for wearing a diamond ring featuring a two-carat princess cut stone.


Worn by a broad range of celebrities, including Mia Farrow and Ariana Grande, the pear-shaped diamond is a unique option that mimics the look of a teardrop. It has an elongating effect and tends to be especially well-liked by recipients with a soft, feminine style.


The cushion diamond has elements of both the round and princess cuts, combining their best qualities in an exquisite package. While it has a square-like shape, the edges are slightly rounded, resulting in numerous facets that glisten gorgeously in the light. One of the most famous examples of a cushion diamond is the 15-carat stone Kim Kardashian received from Kanye West in 2013.


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