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3 Reasons Playing Sports Is Essential for Kids March 2, 2020

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3 Reasons Playing Sports Is Essential for Kids, St. Charles, Missouri

With the right program, youth sports has the potential to be a healthy and beneficial pillar in a child’s life. Whether they’re playing basketball, soccer, or tennis, it can be both a key memorable and developmental part of childhood. Here’s a closer look at the reasons why youth sports is such a valuable concept. 

Why Kids Should Play Youth Sports

1. Exercise

When a child joins a youth sports program, it will ensure that they get regular exercise. That can do even more than give them a healthy amount of activity for their bodies — it can create a foundation for a lifetime of healthy exercise. All the running and movement will help combat childhood obesity and give them alternatives to the sedentary activities of video games and zoning out on a phone. 

2. Teamwork 

youth sportsPlaying a game, like basketball or soccer, in an organized, guided framework will give kids a chance to work together towards a common goal. They will learn to rely on each other and avoid believing they have to do everything on their own. As their understanding grows, that collaborative spirit can even transfer into more areas of life. 

3. Healthy Competition

Children in youth sports will learn that it’s okay (and even fun) to care about winning, but at the same time, a game is just a game, and they should always be honorable and good sports when the final whistle blows. Additionally, they’ll be introduced to the value of trying your hardest and how much effort matters in sports as well as life. 


If you’re searching for a high-quality youth sports program for your child, consider Go Hard Basketball in St. Charles, MO. With a team of experienced and caring coaches, the sports camp will become a source of fun while also keeping your child active and learning important values, like teamwork. To find out about what spots are still available, call (314) 723-5604. Learn more about the youth activities program by visiting their Facebook page

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