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What Causes Infertility in Men & Women? March 6, 2020

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What Causes Infertility in Men & Women? , Fulton, New York

When you want a baby, it can feel defeating and overwhelming to struggle to get pregnant. Month after month, you may watch your cycle pass, which can raise doubts about your fertility. Here are the most common causes of infertility in men and women and how physicians can help. 


Men can struggle with infertility due to abnormal sperm production or function, overexposure to environmental factors, injury, cancer, and low sperm count. Abnormal sperm production can occur because of issues with undescended testicles, infections, or issues with diabetes. Varicocele, or enlarged veins in the testes, can also result in poor sperm quality. 

Structural problems due to injury of the penis, testes, or tubules can also cause issues with infertility, since the sperm may not be capable of moving through the penis properly. Exposure to certain environmental hazards, such as pesticides, alcohol, marijuana, or steroids, can also impact fertility. Frequent exposure to heat can also decrease sperm count. 

To help men with infertility, physicians can check the quality of the sperm and examine men for anatomical issues that could result in infertility. Some men may be able to have surgery to correct infertility issues. 


infertilityWomen can struggle with infertility because of ovulation disorders, fallopian tube damage, endometriosis, early menopause, or issues with cancer.

Ovulation problems can occur when women have thyroid disorders, eating disorders, or tumors that could impact egg release. If women have polyps or fibroids that grow in the uterus through issues like polycystic ovary syndrome, they may also become infertile. Fallopian tube blockage or damage because of issues like atopic pregnancies can prevent ovulation, resulting in infertility. When women go through early menopause, it could also make it impossible to conceive. 

Physicians have many options available to help women with infertility. Certain medications can help women to ovulate, and surgeries can be used to remove benign growths or cysts that could be contributing to infertility. 



If you want to have children but haven’t been able to conceive on your own, turn to Oswego County OB-GYN PC. In addition to helping men and women identify and resolve fertility issues, these professionals can also help with prenatal and obstetric care. To learn more about how they can help, visit their website or call (315) 343-2590 to schedule an appointment.

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