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How to Prepare For Spring With Water Back-Up Coverage February 13, 2020

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How to Prepare For Spring With Water Back-Up Coverage, Coolville, Ohio

In many parts of the country, the arrival of spring means more storms. Days of rainy weather or a sudden storm can put homes at risk for sustaining flood damage. The only way to protect your home and contents from a true flood disaster is to purchase a FEMA-backed flood insurance policy through your local agent. However, one effective way to protect your house from a drain or sump pump failure is with water backup coverage. This property safeguard can be added to your existing homeowner’s insurance policy, so consider the following guide on what water backup coverage is and why it’s so important to have.

What Is Water Back-Up Coverage?

This type of coverage pays for damages to your home and contents caused by the failure of a sump pump or a related type of equipment, or a clogged drain—think water flowing the wrong direction through a drain system, causing it to end up in your house. Depending on the terms, water backup insurance may not apply to household appliances or a plumbing system. Once in place, coverage can provide compensation for cleanup after a water leak. This includes hiring a professional restoration company and the replacement of damaged furniture and other items in the home. 

homeowners insuranceTo ensure you’re protected, water backup coverage must be added as an endorsement to an existing homeowner’s insurance plan. The amount available to pay for recovery costs will vary but typically ranges from $5,000 to more than $10,000. At your request, an insurance agent can add extra coverage before spring’s rainy season arrives. Some carriers require coverage to be in place at least 30 days before a claim can be submitted. 

Why Is Coverage So Important?

One of the main reasons why water backup coverage is beneficial is the unpredictability of water backups. They can occur at any time but might be especially prevalent in the spring when more storms are likely. Whether you live on level ground or a hill, leaks and backups don’t discriminate. Having coverage in place helps provide financial peace of mind against the unexpected.

If your house is determined to be uninhabitable after a water backup disaster, the addition of this coverage may also qualify as a loss of use under your homeowner’s insurance policy. You and your family will be able to temporarily relocate to a hotel at no cost while your house is being repaired. The coverage may also pick up the tab for additional expenses such as food, transportation, and rent if you live in a leased space.

Protect your house from floods and backups during the rainy spring season. Simmons Insurance Group of Southeastern Ohio will gladly answer your questions about water backup coverage and/or provide a flood insurance policy as well. The family-owned agency has convenient locations in Coolville, Belpre, Marietta, Athens, Racine, and Pomeroy. Their team of experienced agents will walk you through the process of adding the coverage to your existing homeowners insurance. Because they partner with industry-leading providers, you can count on reliable protection. To learn more, call (740) 667-3111 today, and check out their website for a full list of policy options.

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