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What's the Difference Between Concrete and Shotcrete? March 11, 2020

Louisville, Jefferson
What's the Difference Between Concrete and Shotcrete?, Louisville, Kentucky

Hard surfaces can completely transform your yard, creating entertaining space or the perfect spot for an outdoor pool or spa. However, understand the differences between shotcrete and concrete when requesting the proper product. Here’s what you need to know about these two surfaces and their methods of installation.


Concrete is made from tiny pieces of natural rock called aggregates, which are mixed with a bonding material that solidifies during a curing process to create a solid, rock-like surface. The binder that holds concrete together is called portland cement, which is made from calcium oxide; silicon dioxide, or sand; aluminum oxide; ferric oxide; and sulfate. When combined with aggregates and water, this mixture cures over several hours or days, depending on the thickness of the slab.


shotcreteShotcrete contains the same chemical properties as cement, but it is applied differently. Shotcrete is slightly thinner concrete that is applied at high velocities through a tube—shot in place—to create vertical or overhead elements that are smoothed by hand before curing.

The velocity of the application compresses and solidifies the concrete, while simultaneously creating an excellent bond with the underlying framework. Shotcrete typically requires less formwork than traditional concrete and can be less expensive to apply. Often, shotcrete is used to design curved structures, such as swimming pools or rounded walls. It can also be injected underneath existing concrete slabs to correct foundation problems or sunken driveways.


Whether you’re putting in a pool or a back patio, the team at The Dwyer Company will help. With an incredible range of concrete and shotcrete services—including foundation repair, bowed wall installation, and sunken concrete repair—these professionals will help you to make your home or business like new. Learn more about their commitment to community outreach in Lexington and Louisville, KY, and West Chester, OH, by visiting their website or calling (513) 777-0998.

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