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Selling? Let All Paint And Drywall Get Your Home Ready For The Market October 27, 2015

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Selling? Let All Paint And Drywall Get Your Home Ready For The Market, Kaufman, Texas

If you’re looking to sell your home, there’s a great deal to keep in mind, not the least of which is the outside look of the home. Ultimately, first impressions matter a whole lot. According to the painters and drywall contractors at All Paint and Drywall, a good interior and exterior painting job can make the difference between a house that languishes on the market, and one that sells quickly. Furthermore, the Kaufman, Texas-based experts argue that color is one of the biggest deciding factors for house hunters.

So how does color influence the potential seller? 

  • White Exterior Painting: This is a popular and safe option. It lends a clean look to the home, and can be particularly effective on properties that have a lot of shade.
  • Beige Exterior Painting: Much like white, beige is neutral and generally non-offensive, making it the second-most popular exterior pigment. Beige works particularly well if you live in a wooded area.
  • Yellow Interior Painting: Yellows add luminosity to the home and a touch of warmth to interiors. It can serve as an inviting trim in a bedroom, or as a contrast to darker-colored cupboards in a kitchen.
  • Earth-Tone Interior Painting: Browns, grays, greens, and the like are great for living and dining rooms, as they are calming. They are also an attractive complement to rooms that feature stonework, metal, or glass, and they work well with wood floors.
  • Blue Interior Painting: Consider blue for bedrooms and studies. Why? Because it is a soothing color that brings to mind clear skies and the ocean. Darker blues are more regal in nature, but are better left as accents to avoid making a space look small.

So when it’s time to put up your house for sale, be sure to give the folks at All Paint and Drywall a call at (972) 481-4980 to talk about your painting needs. You can also find them online.  

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