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Why Tree Roots Invade Pipes & How to Spot Problems March 4, 2020

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Why Tree Roots Invade Pipes & How to Spot Problems, Honolulu, Hawaii

From drain lines to sewer pipes, there are several plumbing fixtures buried under the yard. That’s why you should choose a location wisely before calling a landscaping contractor to plant a new tree. This minimizes the risk that growing roots will collide with the channels. Here’s a guide to why roots pose a threat to plumbing fixtures, how to detect damage, and which solutions could solve the problem. 

Why Tree Roots Gravitate to Pipes

Trees need water, air, and nutrients to survive, which roots typically absorb when the ground is watered or it rains. Otherwise, they will search the surroundings for supplies. Roots could detect the moisture in cracked sewer and plumbing pipes and break through the vulnerable areas. They also take in nutrients from the waste in sewer lines. As roots can spread far, pipes could be obstacles they break through to continue on a path, too. 

How to Detect Invasive Roots

landscaping contractorOnce roots invade pipes, they develop hair roots to help absorb more of the moisture. Eventually, the plant could obstruct the flow of water and waste through a channel. This is often marked by slow drainage or standing water in sinks, bathtubs, and showers, as well as sewage backups when trying to flush toilets. 

How to Deal With the Problem & Prevent Future Issues

If you notice drainage problems or waste backups, call a plumber for help. They will use a sewer camera in the channels to determine the location and type of blockage. Augers or water-jetting tools are often used to dislodge and clear clogs. If the fracture is minor, resins can be pumped into a pipe to seal the opening. Otherwise, replacing the damaged fixture might be the best solution. 

To prevent future concerns, your landscaping contractor can provide tree removal. If you decide to replant in areas away from sewer lines, a professional will also let you know which plants are known for having invasive roots. 


If you need to remove a tree with invasive roots, contact the landscaping contractors at Sherwood's Tree Service in Honolulu, HI. Residents throughout Oahu have sought out the company for 24-hour tree services since 1974. The landscaping contractors will get rid of unwanted plants and provide tree trimming and pruning to keep the remaining vegetation in good condition. For an appointment, call (808) 537-9705. Visit them online to learn about the team. 

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