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What R & T Lawn Services, Inc Has Planned for Your Lawn in March March 1, 2020

Catawba Springs, Lincoln
What R & T Lawn Services, Inc Has Planned for Your Lawn in March, Catawba Springs, North Carolina

With the growing season in North Carolina just around the corner, the experts at R & T Lawn Services, Inc have lawn maintenance services planned to get yards ready for spring.  This month they will be spraying post-emergent herbicide to treat broadleaf weeds to provide customers with a healthy, beautiful lawn all summer.

What Are Broadleaf Weeds?

Broadleaf weeds are a variety of tough, wide-leafed plants that sprout quickly in the spring and can take over your lawn. Common examples of broadleaf weeds include dandelions, clovers, and plaintain, all of which drain resources from the soil and make your lawn look uneven and patchy. 

lawn maintenanceDuring the spring and summer, broadleaf weeds can be easy to control if your lawn is lush and healthy. However, they can easily overrun your yard if they gain a foothold early in the season, which is why R & T Lawn Services, Inc is treating all lawns with a post-emergent herbicide.

Post-Emergent Treatment for Broadleaf Weeds

Throughout March, the lawn maintenance specialists at R & T Lawn Services, Inc will treat yards with an herbicide that targets broadleaf weeds. This treatment won’t affect Bermuda and fescue grasses, so you can expect your lawn to start developing quickly once the weather warms up. In North Carolina, March usually brings higher temperatures and longer days, so you should see significant growth before the end of the month.

With year-round lawn maintenance services and over 20 years of experience, R & T Lawn Services, Inc makes it easy to have the lush outdoor spaces you’ve always dreamed of. They proudly serve homeowners throughout Catawba, Lincoln, and Mecklenburg counties, NC, and have established a reputation for quality service at affordable rates. Visit their website for a closer look at their services, or call/text (704) 589-0713 for a quote today.

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