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A Business Owner's Guide to Choosing Between Asphalt & Blacktop February 14, 2020

College Point, Queens
A Business Owner's Guide to Choosing Between Asphalt & Blacktop, Queens, New York

From entrances and sidewalks to parking and pathways, evenly paved surfaces are vital for creating quality customer and employee experiences. Two popular choices for surface finishing are asphalt and blacktop. While the terms are often utilized interchangeably outside of the paving industry, they are actually different. Here's a closer look at each. 

What Is Asphalt?

Easily identified by its dark, rich finish, asphalt is one of the most durable paving materials on the market. The product is created by combining crushed stone and bitumen — a byproduct of petroleum refinement. When mixed together and heated to around 200 degrees, the end result is a flexible yet strong substance that's also water-resistant.

Asphalt’s constituent parts can handle a significant amount of wear and tear with a high weight load. When laid correctly, the material also offers a smooth finish, which is easy to maintain. Those qualities make it a popular choice for surfaces that receive high levels of traffic at relatively high speeds, like roads and highways. 

What Is Blacktop?

asphaltTechnically, blacktop is a type of asphalt. The material is created using the same two ingredients — stone and bitumen. However, the proportions are different. Since blacktop has more crushed stone, it looks a bit shinier than asphalt. It's also heated to 300 degrees.

While it's still incredibly sturdy, the resulting substance isn't quite as durable as its counterpart. However, it can still easily handle the demands of regular traffic. As such, it's typically utilized for the installation of driveways and parking lots. 

Take advantage of the benefits of asphalt paving with the assistance of Grey-Ruso Construction. Based in College Point, NY, the local contractor serves all five New York boroughs and Long Island. The family-owned organization has proudly provided high-quality commercial services to area businesses for over 35 years. Learn more about their superior asphalt and blacktop work online, and request an estimate today at (718) 358-1836.

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