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5 Easy House Plants for Beginners March 19, 2020

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5 Easy House Plants for Beginners, Port Jervis, New York

Indoor house plants are an excellent way to spruce up your space. They can also spark creativity and boost your mood on dreary days. If you’re looking for ways to add leafy greens around your home, but don’t have a knack for keeping plants alive, here are some low-maintenance houseplants that most florists recommend for beginners.

A Guide to House Plants

1. Cast Iron Plant

Keeping an indoor plant alive can be a challenge for some. So, the next time you visit the florist, ask about the cast iron plant. With sword-like leaves, this plant is known to grow under the harshest conditions, including spots that receive little to no light. While it prefers shady spots, this plant will thrive no matter where you put it. It also sprouts little white flowers while indoors.

2. Dumb Cane

If you have a warmer room in your home, consider potting a dumb cane plant. Attractive, yet picky, place this plant away from drafts and windowsills and watch it grow. If you have kids or pets, keep this plant up high. Its white milky sap can cause a mild rash if it comes in contact with the skin. 

3. Snake Plant 

floristAlso known as the mother-in-law plant, the snake plant has sharp green leaves that grow upright and come in a variety of yellow or green shades. You’ll even get to enjoy the rare white flower bloom when it’s kept happy and healthy.

It can grow in a variety of lights, allowing you to keep it in any room of your home. Just avoid excess moisture, as the snake plant thrives in dry air.

4. Rubber Tree

If you’re new to caring for a houseplant, any florist will tell you about the rubber tree. This little potted plant will grow to be an 8-foot-tall indoor tree that’s easy to manage and doesn’t require extensive maintenance. If you prefer a smaller shrub, prune some of the larger branches occasionally and allow the soil to dry out before you water it again.

5. Shamrock Plant

The shamrock plant is just what you need in your home with its bright green leaves that look like shamrocks and white flowers that pop up from time to time. While this plant loves light, it lives its best in indirect light. You’ll also want to let the soil dry out between watering to avoid drowning the roots.



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