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Why Your Dog Needs to Play With Other Dogs March 6, 2020

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Why Your Dog Needs to Play With Other Dogs, Royse City, Texas

Dogs are curious, fun-loving animals who require plenty of exercise. They should play with other dogs to get the social interaction and exercise they need. This doesn’t mean you have to adopt another dog. You can set time aside to bring your dog to the park or drop off your pet at doggy day care. Either way, here are some facts you should know about canine interaction.

Understanding Dog Interaction


doggy-day-care-royse-cityDogs need to get out and play. When they don’t exercise, they can become obese and develop health conditions like diabetes and heart disease. The built-up energy can also cause them to be disobedient or destructive at home.

Just walking your dog around the neighborhood every day can get boring, so take them to a dog park once in a while. They’ll get plenty of time to wrestle, run around, and play with other dogs.

You can also start taking them to a doggy day care. These facilities can keep your dog active instead of being alone while you’re at work. Your dog will interact with others and get exercise during the day so you can spend the night relaxing.

Improved Behavior

When your dog interacts with friendly dogs, they learn to share and build trust with other pets, which can reduce their territorial instincts. Your dog will discover problem-solving scenarios when interacting with other pets, which can improve their mental health.

Training your pet with others around can teach your dog about obedience and discipline. Teach your dog to obey commands even when distracted by other dogs and owners. You can also encourage your dog to play with others by giving treats when it engages in friendly behavior.


If you’re looking for a doggy day care in Royse City, TX, contact JD Kennels Camp David for Dogs. This pet resort features 10 acres for dogs to enjoy, as well as swimming pools. Their skilled team takes every step to keep pets safe and comfortable and can provide dog training during your pet’s stay. Visit their website to learn about their dog and cat boarding services and connect on Facebook for more pet care tips. Call (972) 636-9494 to speak with a representative.

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