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3 Ways to Prevent Back Pain February 25, 2020

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3 Ways to Prevent Back Pain, Sanford, North Carolina

Living with back pain can be difficult, especially if the discomfort interferes with your ability to work, sleep, or exercise. However, by knowing what causes pain and taking steps to prevent it, you can ward off permanent injuries. To avoid back troubles, follow these steps.

Tips for Avoiding Back Pain

1. Use Proper Lifting Technique

Before lifting any heavy object, think about whether it's too heavy to carry on your own. If you think you can manage, focus on raising the item as safely as possible to prevent muscle strain.

To reduce the load of the object, get as close to it as possible. For instance, if the item is sitting on the floor, squat down and bring it in to your chest to move it near your center of gravity. Use your legs to stand slowly, and stop if you experience any discomfort. Also, avoid twisting or turning while carrying a heavy object. When setting the item down, reverse the procedure, squatting slowly to the floor.

2. Exercise & Maintain a Healthy Weight

back pain

When you exercise, you're toning your muscles and making them stronger, resulting in better stability. In addition to improving your range of motion and preventing strain injuries, regular exercise also helps alleviate inflammation and ease muscle tension.

Additionally, exercise will help you lose weight. The more you weigh, the more strain is placed on your back, which can result in discomfort. Excess weight can even shift your center of gravity, putting more stress on your lower back.

3. Adjust Your Sleep Position

Sleeping on your side with your knees pulled in puts your spine in a neutral position, which can reduce the pain you feel in the mornings. If this isn't comfortable, try laying on your back with a pillow under your knees and lower back. If you're a stomach sleeper, put a pillow underneath your hips to keep your spine straight.


If you’re living with back pain, work with the physicians at Carolina Doctors Med Care. In addition to helping clients with preventative care, these professionals can also help ease back pain that you already have. To find out more about how they can help, visit their website or give their office a call at (919) 774-3680.

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