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5 Benefits of Pruning Trees March 3, 2020

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5 Benefits of Pruning Trees, Florence, Kentucky

Proper tree pruning is one yard chore that many homeowners struggle with. If you’re not a trained arborist, knowing the signs that your trees are in distress can be difficult. Furthermore, how can you tell if your trees need a fine or standard pruning versus a crown reduction trimming if you’re not sure what you’re looking for? That’s why it’s important to call in the professionals so your trees can benefit from a proper trim.

How Your Trees Benefit From Tree Pruning

1. Better Health

Tree pruning eliminates the dead or dying branches that weigh trees down. By trimming diseased or weakened branches, you’re assisting your tree and encouraging growth to the trunk and larger branches due to the increased air and sun exposure. Disease can spread quickly in a tree, so it’s important to have these branches cut off to prevent the spread.

2. Wards off Insects

Pruning branches and removing decaying limbs and leaves will help keep pesky insects away from your tree and out of your lawn. Insects tend to be attracted to areas that are dying, so prune these off your trees and sterilize the branches and leaves to discourage further infestations.

3. Improved Appearance 

tree-pruning-KYFor businesses and residents with a lot of trees, pruning can help improve the overall appearance of a lawn. A well-manicured yard will add property appeal in residential areas as well as on commercial properties. Tree pruning gives your trees shape and makes them look healthy and clean throughout the spring, summer, and fall months.

4. Shape Training

If you have smaller decorative trees, then pruning is a regular part of your lawn care. Not only does pruning keep your trees in the shape you desire, but it also trains the trees and younger saplings how to grow. Over time, training your trees how you’d like for them to grow can reduce your need for regular trims.

5. Provide Safety

Dead or dying branches pose a safety risk to people and animals on the ground, especially on windy days or during a thunderstorm. Pruning your trees regularly will ensure that you keep your home, business, and persons safe from falling twigs and limbs. If you’re concerned with branches up higher, call in a professional to come and inspect their stability and prune them back if necessary.


Regular tree pruning and maintenance are part of owning a home or business. So, before you take the risk to cut down those dead or overgrown branches yourself this spring, turn to the team at Bluegrass Tree Service, LLC in Florence, KY. For more than 30 years, this expert team of arborists has been trimming branches, removing stumps, and maintaining trees around Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati. To schedule your appointment for any of your tree maintenance needs, call (859) 746-0708 or visit them online for more information.

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