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Which Bathroom Tile Options Are Best Suited for the Shower? March 11, 2020

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Which Bathroom Tile Options Are Best Suited for the Shower?, Odessa, Texas

Your shower enclosure is an important part of the bathroom, and the tile you use in this area will have a big impact on its look and functionality. The right bathroom tile for the shower won’t just look amazing — it should also be easy to clean and reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents. Here are the materials considered to be the best fit for the space.

3 Bathroom Tile Selections for Shower Enclosures

1. Porcelain

While ceramic flooring is typically thought to be too slick for the shower, glazed porcelain tile is a safe and stylish option. The protective glaze applied to both porcelain and ceramic helps reduce maintenance needs, and a wide range of textures and colors make it easy to fully customize the look of the enclosure. Smaller tiles are best for the floor to ensure greater slip resistance.

2. Natural Stone

bathroom tileNatural stone materials provide a distinct, high-end look for the shower area. Marble is especially popular in creating a luxurious atmosphere. However, only use natural stone that has been sealed to resist water damage and mineral staining. Otherwise, even the best-looking marble will quickly deteriorate under normal bathroom conditions.

3. Glass

While glass tiles may not be suitable for the floor, they can provide a unique look to the shower walls. The transparent and reflective nature of glass can actually help the shower area look bigger, even when using small tiles. For the best results, consider using a mix of glass and another tile material for a unique style. Glass tiles are also extremely easy to clean.


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