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Do’s & Don’ts of DIY Landscaping February 11, 2020

Monroe, Fairfield County
Do’s & Don’ts of DIY Landscaping, Monroe, Connecticut

A yard can be a blank canvas ready to be transformed into a beautiful green space. But how and where do you begin? With the proper outdoor power tools, you can create a lawn that offers customized curb appeal — and bragging rights that you did it yourself. Before you get started on a landscaping project, here’s some advice about how to proceed.


Sketch out a design.

You don’t have to be a professional artist to draw how you want the landscaping to look. As you sketch out the design, decide where you want shrubs and gardens to be. Include hardscape elements such as mulch or gravel walkways. Consider incorporating native plants that will thrive in your region. Add elements of your unique style to your lawn, such as different colors and shapes.

Use the right tools.

Having the right outdoor power tools is a must to bring your landscaping to life. From an electric lawn mower and trimmer to edgers, these items will provide precise lines, neat perimeters, and maintain a fresh appearance. If you’re unsure about what tools you’ll need for your landscaping project, consult with a tool supply store. The best ones will provide recommendations on the essential items to keep your yard in top condition.


Ignore seasonal weather when selecting plants and trees.

outdoor power toolsLearn about which plants and trees will grow and thrive in the Connecticut region. Try to select different species that can bloom in each season. Don’t forget to consider soil and fertilizer options so that your plant choices have the proper nutrition to promote root growth. Work with a local nursery and outdoor power tool supply store to choose season-friendly options and landscaping maintenance equipment such as leaf and snow blowers. 

Forget to account for weeds and unwanted pests.

You should take a proactive approach to weed prevention. There are several products available to keep dandelions, crabgrass, and other common weeds away.  Look for organic solutions that won’t harm your landscaping. Unwanted pests can feed on leaves, fruit, and other greenery. Prevent an infestation by raking leaves, fallen fruit, and using natural materials to keep insects from damaging your yard. 


With a bit of planning, you can customize your landscaping exactly how you want it. For 58 years, L & R Power Equipment Inc. in Monroe, CT, has been the area’s trusted resource for outdoor power tools and other equipment needed for DIY projects. Serving Trumble, East End, Monroe, Shelton, and Fairfield, their stock is much larger than the competition and includes a massive inventory of replacement parts. From knowledgeable staff to expert customer service, you’ll find just what you need. Stop by today or call (203) 268-8400 for more information on their products. Visit their website to check out the latest equipment available.

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