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What to Know About Carriage Garage Doors February 12, 2020

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What to Know About Carriage Garage Doors, 4, Tennessee

For many homes, the garage is a central feature that can have a significant effect on its curb appeal. Many people’s garage doors have a similar raised rectangular pattern on the front. Fortunately, you can set your house apart by learning more about the other garage options available. Carriage doors, for instance, have a rich history that can lend a warm charm to your home’s appearance.

How Do Carriage Doors Work on Garages?


Carriage houses were built to store horse carriages before cars were invented. They had wide doors that opened manually and swung open outward from the middle. And because they were essentially small barns, their design often incorporated a barn-like aesthetic. 

Garage Use

garage doorToday, carriage doors are used on garages to add a rustic, traditional look to a home. They’re ideal for historic or colonial-style houses, but customization options can also make them work for contemporary homes as well.

Customizable Features


Traditional carriage doors were made of wood. While wood is still a viable and popular option, it can be susceptible to expanding from extreme temperature fluctuations. If you live in a wet climate or an area subject to inclement weather, you may want to opt for steel construction. Other options include aluminum and fiberglass. 

Opening Mechanism

Modern garage carriage door models can be designed to roll open vertically like a standard garage door. They can also be installed to swing open horizontally, which can give a home both classic charm and modern functionality.


There’s an almost endless variety of color options to choose from. You can go with a traditional solid white, for example, or you can opt for a wooden hue, like golden oak or mahogany, for a more rustic feel. 


To learn more about how you can customize garage carriage doors to transform your home, turn to the garage door experts at Crossville Door Company. This locally owned and operated company serves both residential and commercial clients throughout Cumberland County, TN. Their services include garage door installation and repair. To schedule a free estimate, give them a call at (931) 484-8586.

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