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3 Moving Tips to Downsize Your Home March 9, 2020

East Price Hill, Cincinnati
3 Moving Tips to Downsize Your Home, Cincinnati, Ohio

For many people, moving provides an opportunity to downsize and declutter. This process is especially useful if you’re relocating to a smaller home or apartment, which might not be sufficient for keeping all of your current belongings. This guide explains how to downsize effectively without letting go of the items you care about most.

How to Downsize When Moving

1. Think About Usage

While packing, take inventory of each item you come across. Ask yourself when’s the last time you used it, and consider if you’re likely to use it again. If it’s a nonessential item that you haven’t used in six months to a year, chances are it can be discarded or donated without issue.

2. Consider Furniture Upgrades

movingEfficient storage can make a small space much more useful. For example, replace your current living room table with one that also offers hidden storage if the square footage of your new home is less than your old one. In general, multifunctional pieces are ideal when moving to a smaller house.

3. Have a Plan for Sentimental Items

Some items can be discarded, some can be donated, and others can be sold online or at a yard sale. For items with sentimental value that don’t have a place in your new home, consider giving them as gifts to loved ones. For example, gift old toys and dolls to grandkids or nephews and nieces. If you have vintage pieces of furniture that will clutter your new home, consider giving them to a friend or loved one.


Hiring a professional moving company also helps to make your downsizing process a stress-free. In Cincinnati, OH, D & R Movers offers more than 25 years of experience to locals in need of moving help. The movers take care to prevent your belongings from being damaged in transit and provide additional moving supplies at affordable rates. Visit the website to learn more about their services, and call (513) 921-1968 to get started on a quote. Same-day moves are available.

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