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7 Common Steps Taken During Kitchen Remodeling March 23, 2020

Greenburgh, Westchester
7 Common Steps Taken During Kitchen Remodeling, Greenburgh, New York

A kitchen remodeling project can often seem like a lofty dream with no end in sight, especially if you've just begun. However, with support from professionals and a clear timeline ahead of you, taking on these home improvements will become a much more manageable experience. To help you prepare, here are the steps you can expect before your new kitchen is ready.

What Are the Different Phases of Kitchen Remodeling?

1. Design

The first step to remodeling is forming a detailed plan with a kitchen design specialist. During this phase, the designer will take measurements and discuss your goals to come up with solutions that fit your budget, style, and space. You'll also review and select materials, including flooring, countertops, and cabinetry.

2. Order Supplies

Once you've chosen all the elements, your design team will order the necessary supplies for the job. The length of this process can vary depending on how hard it is to source the materials.

3. Remove Equipment

Next, your contractor will safely remove all features and equipment that you're getting rid of, such as old kitchen cabinets, the sink, and your dishwasher. At this point, your kitchen may no longer be useable until the job is finished.

4. Mark & Modify Utilities

kitchen remodelingWith the space bare, your contractor will mark the points where new outlets, wiring, lighting, pipes, and gas lines will go. Then, your new systems will be installed or upgraded as needed. This phase usually requires an official inspection and approval.

5. Remodel Walls & Floors

Depending on the layout of your new kitchen, your remodeling crew will reshape barriers, place insulation, and install drywall. New flooring, if desired, would also be installed at this point.

6. Install Cabinets & Counters

After the walls and floors are ready, your contractor will install cabinetry and counters to develop the kitchen's skeleton further. Built-in appliances and other cooking equipment may also be installed at this point.

7. Finish

Once the infrastructure is complete, the construction crew will put on all the final touches. This portion of the process may involve installing tile, painting walls, and attaching plumbing fixtures. Finally, your contractor will do a walkthrough with you to ensure every aspect of the project fits your vision.


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