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3 Ways to Foster Preschool Reading Success March 27, 2020

West Village, Manhattan
3 Ways to Foster Preschool Reading Success, Manhattan, New York

For childrens’ education, literacy is a high priority. Reading at an early age gives children both the skills and confidence to succeed in school and life. It also instills creative and inquisitive behavior! As a parent, you’ll encourage their ability and likelihood to achieve a preschool reading level by following these tips. 

How to Strengthen Preschool Reading Skills

1. Make Reading a Routine

preschool readingA child's ability to read is like a muscle: the more it's used, the stronger it becomes. Scheduling at least five minutes a day to read with them does wonders. Keep up any reading habits you’ve already developed with them, like stories before bedtime! Of course, it’s better to fit in more than one session a day regularly.

2. Engage in Deeper Conversations

Another way to promote early childhood literacy is by forming in-depth dialogues. Stay with a topic for a handful of speaking turns; for example, during your bedtime stories, ask them what they see on the page; how they feel about the last scene; or what they think might happen next. By extensively sticking with one subject, you're helping them develop their listening, speech, vocabulary, comprehension, and memory skills, which benefits their literacy.

3. Visit the Library

Finally, sign up and spend time at the library with your child. There’s a vast selection of books to choose from for reading practice. As well, there are fun educational activities and events that give children practice in their socialization skills!


Aside from these tips, investing in a reading tutor will also help. In New York City, parents know they can rely on Reading in Preschool to guide and support their children's early reading skills. Their private, preschool reading level program is based on a proprietary play-based method that's designed for kids as young as two and a half years old! You can learn more about their approach online, but if you have any questions, call them at (917) 723-1159.

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