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Should Children Attend Funerals? March 20, 2020

Stratford, Fairfield County
Should Children Attend Funerals?, Stratford, Connecticut

Funerals are emotionally charged. They can be especially hard for children, who may not understand what’s happening or cause disruptions. If someone you know has recently passed, below are general guidelines and considerations to help you decide whether to take your child. 

How to Decide Whether to Bring Your Child

First, consider your child’s relation to the deceased. Attending the service of a distant relative or family friend they barely know may cause unnecessary emotional distress. 

Your child’s age also plays a factor. Infants can cause distractions, and toddlers will likely have trouble sitting still. Since young children won’t understand the importance of the ceremony, it might be best to leave them with babysitters at home.  

funeral-strafordPreschool- and elementary-age children are more likely to understand death. If you’re confident your child will remain respectful and the funeral is honoring a close family member, bring them to the service so they can say their goodbyes. 

If the funeral will include important traditions in your family, it can supersede age. Think about how important it is to you and other family members that your child is a part of the ritual, especially if the deceased requested in a will that the entire family be present.

Parts to Attend & Avoid With a Child

You don’t have to take your child to all parts of the funeral. If the ceremony includes a viewing, you can skip that to protect your child. You can have them step out with a family member or friend if you feel they may get too upset by the eulogy.

The burial may bring some closure for older children, and you always have the option to step away if they feel uncomfortable. Receptions are also family-friendly, and your little one will get to spend time with their loved ones.

You should also never force your child to go to any portion of the service. If they’re old enough to have a conversation, discuss the different parts of the funeral to find out what they’re comfortable with. 


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