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3 Ways to Help Your Child Learn to Enjoy Books April 2, 2020

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3 Ways to Help Your Child Learn to Enjoy Books, Cromwell, Connecticut

Reading with your child daily is an important early childhood activity. It’s also a rewarding and fun experience for parents to enjoy with their children. Here are a few tips to help your little one stay engaged during your reading activities.

1. Read Daily With Your Child

Reading to your little one during early child development helps them expand their vocabulary. An easy way to incorporate this into your routine is to read them bedtime stories. While you do this, point to the words as you pronounce them, slowly sounding out longer words to help them learn to hear phonetical differences. 

2. Ask Questions

Reading isn’t just about recognizing the letters on a page and pronouncing words. It’s also about comprehending what was just read.

After you finish a book, ask your child questions about the story. Who was the main character? What happened? What was the ending? What do they think will happen next? Discussing these questions will help with reading comprehension, listening, and cognitive skills.

3. Have Them Tell You Stories

It’s important for your child to make the connection between speech and writing during early child development.

Try having them tell you a story about their day or their favorite book. Write down the words and read them back to them, pointing to each syllable. Help your child illustrate their story. Combine your children’s stories into a journal and read them together as bedtime stories.


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