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5 Ways to Add Depth & Color to Your Home March 16, 2020

Gloversville, Fulton
5 Ways to Add Depth & Color to Your Home, Gloversville, New York

With spring right around the corner, you might be thinking about giving your home and furniture a fresh new look. Even if a full renovation isn’t in the cards, there are a variety of easy ways to add depth and color to your rooms with a few clever design tricks like the ones below. 

How Can You Add Pizazz to Your Home?

1. Create an Accent Wall

If you’re not ready to paint an entire room a bright, bold color, try an accent wall instead. An accent wall creates a new focal point and can be matched to highlight furniture or accessories. If you don’t have a wall that would work, paint the back wall of your bookshelves for an unexpected pop of color.

2. Hang Art

furnitureA striking piece of art adds a personal touch to your space while also serving as a conversation starter. Use art to add color, pattern, and texture to your room. If you’ve been hanging a piece in the same room for a while, try mixing things up. Rearrange pieces, or change the frames and mats to update the look. A simple black and white photograph becomes a showstopper when matted or framed in an unexpected color. 

3. Add Color to the Floor

Area rugs add texture and color to your room, so use them to add interest and warmth to the space. Strategically placed rugs can help define spaces, while also adding comfort and visual appeal. For example, a well-placed rug can turn a chair near a window into an intentional reading nook.

4. Incorporate Glass 

Reflective surfaces like glass and mirrors make rooms feel larger by reflecting light. Hang a mirror opposite a window, or use accessories with mirrored finishes to add some depth. Glass-topped tables can also help spaces look bigger. Top one with metallic or glossy accessories to reflect even more light. 

5. Switch Out Accessories

The easiest way to add a pop of color to a room is with accessories. Break up otherwise neutral spaces with colorful pillows and cozy throws for your furniture, interesting lamps, and decorative accents in unexpected colors. Choose accessories with clean lines and keep the arrangements simple to avoid clutter.


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