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How to Talk to an Aging Loved One About In-Home Care February 7, 2020

Downtown Henderson, Henderson
How to Talk to an Aging Loved One About In-Home Care, Henderson, Kentucky

Talking about home care services can be a sensitive subject between an elderly loved one and their family. Having conversations about special needs as seniors age into the later stages of life takes maturity and emotional awareness. An in-home caregiver provides elder care services that supplement a family’s ability to provide care. If caring for an aging parent is absorbing more time than you have to give, embrace the benefits of in-home care. Here’s what you should know about speaking with your loved one about implementing a new plan for their care.

Be Prepared

Before approaching the subject, create an outline of topics you’d like to address. Understand the basics of home care plans and the state of your family’s finances. Choose a comfortable, quiet, and private time to talk. Discuss their desires, needs, and expectations for life as they age. Be open about their hopes to remain independent and their fears of co-dependency. All of these factors will play a role when making decisions.

Talk About the Benefits

home careIt’s common for the elderly to be hesitant about in-home care. Keep your discussion positive by focusing on the benefits. Talk about the freedom and privacy they’ll have when they’re safe and secure at home with their spouse and their belongings. They’ll also receive professional one-on-one attention—as little or as much help as they need.

Do It Soon

Iron out the details of your loved one’s future care arrangements before something happens. Honest conversation about the future will give you time and energy to assemble a plan of action. If you attempt to converse but are met with resistance, drop the subject for now and approach it again another time.


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